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If you answered YES to any (or all) of the above, the good news is this: Read this and in less than 5 minutes you'll know what Internet radio experts already know ...

Time Magazine's Favorite

"Finally, you have to find the music ... head for one of the big webcast directories. My favorites: radiotower.com..."

Time Magazine - Getting Static on Internet Radio by Roy B. White May 13, 2002

FROM: Paul Valkama
President, RadioTower.com

Tuesday 9:54

Dear Radio Lover,


Do you remember when you first started to listen to radio ... That sense of wonder, that sense of a whole new world opening up?

Radio provided the music that was always in the background for whatever we did. It kept us connected, kept us informed us of the latest trends and news.

But great stations have been disappearing, forced out by economics and consolidation.

Good news though, there are thousands of radio stations now on the Internet - Many playing exactly what you want! Whatever type of station you want, it's out there ... Oldies, Classical, Easy Listening, Retro 60's, 70's and 80's ...

But how do you find what you want?

How do you dig down through all the different sites, file formats and broadcast feeds to start listening?

I know because our team has been searching for online radio since 1996. We've spent 1000's and 1000's of hours surfing the Web (so you don't have to)! It's great when you find something interesting but it's a drag wading through all the bad stuff to get there.

Searching through lots of sites (most with poor navigation) trying to find the audio feed. Finding in many cases they don't even work. Or, if they do, have poor signal quality.

After that which ones actually are playing what you want at that time?

The website has always been about making it easier to get to the good radio. We've done five major versions of the website and we're definitely improving.

But to get an even better Internet radio experience requires more than what a website can do. Because making it easier to use, faster and more feature-rich needs the power of a full-blown computer program.

RadioTower PLUS
PC Software - The Internet Radio Receiver

This is software that will instantly find and tune in radio stations directly from your desktop. Do you realize how much your interest in Internet radio will grow once you find out how fast and easy it is?

Because of its extensive database of stations and powerful features you will experience a whole new World of amazing content! One click and you're listening!

Mark thinks it's extremely easy

"I've been using RadioTower PLUS for several months now and think it's an excellent program. It's extremely easy to find TV and radio broadcasts, and then I can view/listen to them with a single click!

No more clicking link-after-link to access a broadcast (which often does not work). I also like the fact there is no 'mature' content - an important consideration for those with children. I have recommended RadioTower PLUS to all my friends. Well done!"

Mark Dymond, UK

Imagine -- Internet Radio as Easy
as Turning the Dial

With RadioTower PLUS you will:

Enjoy the thrill of finding exciting new radio that you've never heard before (or rediscover Stations from far away)

Get one-click easy access to 10,000 radio stations from 139 countries and in 50 formats. You will be able to find exactly the type of programming and stations you like.

Besides lots of mainstream choices you can also easily tune in those hard to find niche stations - Most of which you don't even know exist yet!

You can easily browse through the listings... narrow it down by place, by format or by searching. Soon you'll be tuning in stations like an expert, quickly finding radio to match your mood or interest.

Love exploring the listings of what's
playing RIGHT NOW and coming up

Dig down and actually see the schedule for over 70,000 shows. This software is the only way to actually find program listings in one central place - And it displays the results in your time zone!

Look for what's playing right now - Pick a show and with one-click you're listening. Or scan the listings and find the best programs coming up. Now it's possible for you to pick the best programs from the best stations.

Ensure you don't miss your favorite programs
from around the world

It's easy to setup a REMINDER that electronically reminds you of a program you want to listen to. You'll never miss another program again.

It's also easy to organize your favorites so that you have quick access to them. Because of all the good content you find you'll appreciate how easy it is to set and listen to your favorite Internet radio programs and stations.

Avoid wasting time on stations that
break up or are not even available

Do you realize that not all Internet broadcast signals are of equal quality? With station strength indicators you will quickly reveal the quality and reliability of your connection to a stations signal.

Because you can check the ratings for a particular station, you'll get a quick indication on how strong and reliable a signal is - Save hours and hours of frustration.

Watch amazing Internet TV Stations from around the World

Just as easy as you can tune in radio with RadioTower PLUS you can tune in Internet TV. Hundreds and hundreds of TV stations are already available with many more coming online.

Click the link below and within minutes be listening to the best radio (& TV!) the world has to offer.

Ian thinks it's brilliant

"This program was mentioned in the Sunday Times here in the UK last weekend, and because of their comments I bought it immediately.

It is absolutely brilliant and does everything I wanted. I just wish I had found it years ago! Congratulations on a superb program."

Ian Wilkins – Somerset, UK

Click here to get RadioTower PLUS - Start enjoying the
easy way to listen to Internet Radio!



The power of a miles-high antenna -- In your PC

The software is a one-time purchase fee of $37.

Compare that to any other form of entertainment. Take satellite radio ... It can cost you up to $200 just for the radio. Then you have to pay subscription fees - EVERY MONTH.

AND you only get 100 plus stations.

With RadioTower PLUS you'll still be enjoying the software years from now - Never pay another dime.

Even old fashioned radio's can be priced up to $200. RadioTower PLUS is A one time fee for a radio that goes WAY BEYOND ...

  • 10,000 + Stations,
  • Program schedules for 70,000 + shows
  • Reminders
  • Signal Ratings
  • TV Shows

Better yet, years from now the software will still be up to date.

Get FREE weekly updates FOREVER

Every week you'll have new stations and programs to explore as well as having any old links taken out. The updates come automatically. This way you are guaranteed the most up-to-date list available on the Internet.

Start enjoying a whole new World of Internet radio and TV right now and get weekly station and program updates forever. That's like a lifetime of TV GUIDE™ for the Internet for FREE!

NOTE - We can't make that offer forever ... We will start charging for that information. Act now though and you'll never have to pay.

It's easy to get, setup and use. You also get excellent step by step guides and FULL email support.

Click the link below, enter your information and get instant access to the software.

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  • It's SAFE - Your Credit Card will be processed by Paypal
    which is an EBay Company (Very secure and private).
    do NOT need a PayPal account
  • It's FAST - There's only a few things to fill out, you
    will get automatic access to the Software in minutes.

  • It's EASY - It will pretty well install itself. In less than 10 minutes
    you'll be setup for Internet radio for years to come

You will be listening to a whole new world
of radio in less than 10 minutes!

Neat Net Tricks calls it excellent

"I like to browse quickly for something that captures my interest at the moment. With RadioTower Plus, I could find any station or Web Cam that grabbed my fancy at the moment."


"I belong to that now-greying population that grew up on radio, not TV. So Radio Tower Plus holds out the possibility of more radio variety than even I can handle. "


"The installation was smooth and easy. Simply click on the install executable and program installs. Once you complete the step-by-step configuration process and have RealPlayer installed, get ready to enjoy the sounds and sights of the world from your desktop."


"The software is quite useable and very user friendly. I like the options to use the browse feature and the available stations are sorted by country. I can also browse by format which has contemporary, adult, and big band sites, to name a few."


"Radio Tower provides excellent audio-technology and not only identifies the stations but tests and gives the user a reading on signal strength. It performs superbly."

"It has thorough detailed documentation, like they really care for the user and want to ensure success and enjoyment of the product."

From various reviewers in a
review in Neat Net Tricks

Click here now to get RadioTower PLUS -- Start enjoying the quick and easy way to listen to Internet Radio!


($37 one time fee includes FREE weekly updates of listings FOREVER)


60 Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

Use it for 2 full months and send it back if you want - we'll give you a full refund no questions asked. That's No-Risk to you for 60 days from when you get it.

Enjoy amazing Internet Radio and TV from around the World for months and if you don't want to keep it get a full refund.

Have a great time exploring
Internet Radio and TV!

Thank you,

Paul Valkama
RadioTower Communications
Suite 4 - 2024 Innsbruck Drive,
Whistler, British Columbia CANADA V0N 1B2

P.S. If you don't get RadioTower PLUS right now how are you going to easily find great Internet Radio and TV? - Start enjoying excellent radio right now!

You could keep looking and looking, spending hours and hours struggling to find what is really interesting. Or give it a try ...

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